When you hear someone speak with a real love for a place or an aspect of their community, people feel that love. People feel it. And that feeling, and that kind of communication, binds people together.
— June 2016 Parabola Magazine


The school will be in the woods, away from the parking lot. It will feature a long, curving corridor that the architect likens to arms embracing students as they enter. All classrooms will have natural light and will share treehouse-like spaces where students can work in groups or just reflect.


In June 2016, Parabola sat down with Barry Svigals, founder of Svigals + Partners, to talk about the design and construction of the new school and the challenge of realizing its potential to help heal terrible wounds. We spoke in a cavernous room at the Yale Club in Manhattan, under the watchful portraits of several United States Presidents.

Architect MagazINE

Sandy Hook Rebuilds

How Svigals + Partners "spoke to the heart" and navigated a fraught commission.

Architect Magazine caught up with the managing partner of New Haven, Connecticut–based Svigals + Partners at the 2015 Greenbuild Conference, which was held in Washington, D.C., to discuss how to connect sustainable architecture to a community and the capacity that design can facilitate the healing process.

This little book is a reminder that every day, almost every interaction provides opportunities for working with others to serve a collective purpose (whatever it may be). The glue that binds together all successful endeavors is a product of collaboration: the intentional process of honoring and encouraging one another's contributions in the pursuit of a common goal.