There is no work alone. 
All that we have to give we have been given.

This section is to acknowledge sources of inspiration which is animated my own wish to contribute to what is needed in the world. In resonating the sources, people, ideas and places, the hope is that they might in turn inspire others.

Gratitude gallery


Sir Ken Robinson
Recommended: 2010 TEDTalk: Bring on the Learning Revolution

Jane Jacobs
Recommended: The Death and Life of Great American Cities

William Maxwell
Recommended: So Long See You Tomorrow

Fred Mandell
Recommended: Can Art Save Us?

Betty Friedan
Recommended: The Fountain of Age

Helen Frankenthaller
Recommended: As in Nature

Keith Jarrett

David Orr
Recommended: Earth in Mind

Jeanne de Salzmann
Recommended: The Reality of Being

Mary Oliver
Recommended: Why I Wake Early

Edward O. Wilson
Recommended: The Meaning of Human Existence

Monty Python
Recommended: In Search of the Holy Grail

Mark Rylance
Recommended: Wolf Hall

Jon Stewart
Recommended: The Daily Show

Jane Pauley
Recommended: The Today Show 1976-1989

Barack Obama
Recommended: Dreams From My Father

Scotty McLennan
Recommended: Jesus Was A Liberal