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Fra Mondi: Meditations on Il Deposition by
Il Rosso Forentino

Inspired by the early 16th century painting by il Rosso Fiorentino, this series of ink drawings explores different aspects of the iconic scene of Christ being taken down from the cross. The title of the exhibition,  Fra Mondi, "Between Worlds", provides an overall embrace for the themes that followed. Christ himself is between heaven and earth, having died but as yet not having ascended to heaven. Surrounding him both above and below our figures responding to this moment in their own personal Waze. Above, in dynamic action, men are struggling to take the weight of this body of the cross. Below are those moving and quiet grief. Christ himself has almost a beatific smile on his face, embody in both the human and divine. We, as a viewers of this painting, are invited to experience each of these reactions in order to have experience this event in all its many facets. The drawings inspired by this painting attempt to delve deeper into the inner dimensions this painting portrays.