Labor Day:a new definition 

So what’s the labor these days? What exactly is the work? Surely it's not what we had in the nineteenth century but how amazing that for most of us that's pretty much where it remains. If we look around however another picture begins to emerge. Lots of people doing stuff that is predicated on a connection with other people. Social media being just one of the vehicles. Interestingly it's also face to face, rubbing shoulders, close proximity... The ol' schmooze! And not only that, much of the stuff is about somehow making the world a better place, not just for little old moi, but for other folks, most of whom we don't know. Is this another seed of the new civilization? Perhaps a new definition of individual endeavor, of what work might be in the next iteration? A version of the collective self, our individuality defined by our relationship to the whole. Why not?!

Randall HoytComment